We love the holidays,. Why? Because it’s the absolute best time of the year for seeing family, friends, going to holiday parties, and indulging in relationships, which is our favorite thing to do. In our household, you will find a massive Christmas tree, lights decorating the entire outside of the house, stockings, santa stuffed animals all over the place for the kids to play with, and generally way too many fun things that all have a holiday feel. We celebrate Christmas with the type of zeal that a lot of people can understand, but there’s also a few families that really don’t agree with how overboard we go!

We love to simply have a good time with the holidays, and the same goes for your luxury transportation needs. Sure, if you are part of a company that has a yearly Christmas party, you have the opportunity to go somewhere outside of the office to celebrate. When you do that, do you simply hire a bunch of taxi’s, or a few Uber cars, and retreat somewhere all as a company, then everyone is on their own getting home after the special occasion? We certainly hope not, because when it comes to taking your office out, you have a few better options.

Depending on how many people you will be taking with you to your office party, you should consider renting a coach bus, party bus, limousine, or some sort of vehicle that can transport all of your office staff to the same place at the same time. In our industry, too many people don’t really know the total number of people that will be joining them on their office party adventures, so that’s job one before you rent a vehicle for you and your staff. If you have fewer than 20 people, there are always limousine options out there for you to consider. If you have more than 20 people, then party buses or charter buses are definitely the way to go.

Charter buses, or coach buses, are generally about the same cost as a standard SUV stretch limousine. Most are simply like a Greyhound bus, depending on when they were built, and if they have been renovated at all. Some of the nicer coach buses have been hollowed out, with the seats removed.

Interior of a charter bus

If you’ve ever been inside of a very nice charter bus, you know it’s much better than any Greyhound that you’ve previously sat in. The difference is really astounding, and only the very nice charter buses with the interiors that are made for rock stars are used for nights out on the town like we are referencing in this article.

Party bus interior

The best thing about the charter buses that have been renovated to look like party buses or limos is that you can face each other when you are riding. Not like the normal bus with rows of seats, where everyone faces one way, the comfortability factor in these new buses is incredible. If you have not been in one, do yourself a favor, and make it happen soon!

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